The Court of the Seneschal of Sark


The Court of the Seneschal is the sole court of justice on the Island of Sark. It is presided over by the Seneschal, sitting alone. The remit of the Court is laid out in Section 10 – 13 of the Reform (Sark) Law 2008, giving unlimited jurisdiction in civil matters and limited jurisdiction in criminal matters. Serious criminal matters are transferred to The Royal Court, Guernsey, which also hears appeals from this Court. Other Court officials are the Prévôt (Sheriff) and Greffier (Clerk of the Court). Provision is made for the appointment of Deputies to the officers and Lieutenant Seneschals, who may sit on complex or conflicted matters.

The Court deals with all civil and minor criminal litigation, Liquor and Tobacco sales licences, Sudden Deaths and Inquests, Property transfer and general registrations.

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  • Seneschal
  • Deputy Seneschal
  • Prévôt
  • Deputy Prévôt
  • Greffier
  • Deputy Greffier

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