The Court of the Seneschal of Sark

Notices of future Court dates, registrations and general information are posted in the box adjacent to the Court Room and below.

28th November 2017

Notice is hereby given that the Seneschal’s Court will sit on

Friday  8th. December, 2017 @ 2.00 pm

to hear the following:-

  • An Application for a “mirror” Order by Channel Islands Data Services in respect of a debt.


28th November 2017

The following Act of the Royal Court has been registered on the records of the Island of Sark-

  1. An Order of Her Majesty in Council dated 11th. October 2017, approving and ratifying a Projet de Loi of the States of Guernsey entitled “The Financial Services Commission (Bailiwick of Guernsey)(Amendment) Law, 2016”


6th January 2017

Court dates for Applications for Extensions to Licencing hours during 2017

2pm on Friday 27th. January

2 pm on Friday 24th. February

2 pm on Wednesday, 29th. March*

2 pm on Friday 28th. April

2 pm on Friday 26th. May

2 pm on Wednesday 28th. June*

2 pm on Friday 28th. July

2 pm on Friday 25th. August

2 pm on Wednesday 27th. September*

2 pm on Friday 27th. October

2 pm on Friday 24th. November

2 pm on Friday 22nd. December

Please submit your applications at least one week before the Court date.


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